21 December 2010

oro.nifti 0.2.4

The R package oro.nifti contains functions for the input/output and visualization of medical imaging data that follow either the ANALYZE, NIfTI or AFNI formats.  This package is part of the Rigorous Analytics bundle.

Orthographic display of structural MRI acquisition from the AFNI data collection (afni_anat1+orig.BRIK).

The latest version of oro.nifti (0.2.4) has been submitted to CRAN and is available on R-Forge now.  New features include:
  • Read/write/visualize AFNI data (thanks to contributions by K. Tabelow)
  • writeANALZE and writeNIfTI are now S4 generic functions (suggested by K. Tabelow)
  • Conversion in both directions between fmridata-S3 (from the fmri package) and nifti-S4 classes.
  • Fixed bugs in translateCoordinate (thanks to R. Heckemann)
Please use the mailing list for any suggestions or contact rigorousanalytics@gmail.com.

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