10 June 2010

oro.nifti 0.1.5

The latest version of oro.nifti (0.1.5) has been released on CRAN.  New features include:

  • Reduced overall size of the package by 50%
  • Minor improvements; for example, the XML package is no longer required as indicated from the DESCRIPTION file
 Please use the mailing list for any suggestions and/or concerns.

oro.dicom 0.2.6

The latest version of oro.dicom (0.2.6) has been released on CRAN. New features/improvements include:
  • 33% increase in the speed of DICOM file handling
  • Automatic re-orientation/re-slicing of 3D and 4D volumes when converting from DICOM to NIfTI format

Work is underway to incorporate the best features across the different DICOM file-handling programs in multiple R packages.  It's not standardization, but we're on the right path!